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What To Wear In Winter

Our outdoor snow activities are only as good as our snow gear. If we’re not staying warm and dry, the day will be cut short, and that’s the last thing any of us want. RedLine is lucky enough to have Western Power Sports (WPS) and Klim as partners, and with such a great partnership, our members get a discount on all WPS and Klim gear, including Fly Racing gear. We love seeing the new apparel lines that both WPS and Klim come out with each year, and the winter lines are no different. 


Fly Racing:

download-3.jpgAt Redline, we use the Fly Racing Aurora line for our members and renters when they need snow gear. The Aurora line is designed to withstand anything your adventures can throw at you. It features Hydraguard Weatherproof tech and 450D strong, comfortable shell materials in both the bibs and jackets to keep you warm and dry while you ride.




We’ve had great luck with all the gear we’ve tried (and we’re always excited to try more). Another set we really enjoy download-2.jpgis the Carbon line. The Carbon jackets and bibs were created for those adventures who want to explore the harshest conditions. With Hydraguard Pro for the ultimate protection and Cordura for durability, this line allows you to perform at your best without sacrificing mobility for your weather protection.





download-1.jpgFeet are almost always the first extremity to get cold, so good protection is vital in the outdoors. One of our favorite boots from Fly are the Marker Boa boots. We love these because they’re all-encompassing protection for any kind of activity you’ll be doing on a snowmobile. Weatherproof with a durable rubber sole and thermal insulation, this pair provides great protection to keep your feet warm and dry.




download.jpgThe other extremity to always get chilled first is definitely the hands, so a good pair of gloves are so important when you’re playing in the snow. We use the Aurora gloves for our members and love the strong, water/windproof membrane that keep fingers warm. When we splurge, we’ve really been liking the Ignitor Heated Gloves. Fully insulated and water/windproof, these gloves come with 3 level heat capabilities and long-lasting lithium ion batteries to not only keep your hands dry, but also toasty warm no matter the surrounding weather.




image_2019_02_19T18_59_35_537Z.pngKlim has amazing gear, but it’s definitely the pricier option. RedLine members get a discount on gear ordered through our office and we’ve really enjoyed what we’ve tried out. Keeping price in mind, we really like the Storm jacket and bibs. This line has a relaxed fit for ultimate comfort with a highly efficient ventilation scheme to keep you dry while riding. One of our favorite helmets from Klim is the F3 Helmet. We like that it comes in a variety of sizes and colors for everyone, in addition to its strong but lightweight design to keep its’ rider safe.