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Get Your ATV's in Gear



The sun is shining, the snow is starting to melt, and we are finally tearing the covers off our ATV’s. Idaho is known to have almost every kind of outdoor sport you can think of, and we’re proud of it. Every season brings sosportsman-570-gallery-4.jpgmething new, and we delight in utilizing every piece of equipment and machinery we can. From snowmobiles to jet-skis, camper-trailers to UTV’s, Redline’s team and members can experience it all. While it’s not quite the weather to take the Axis T22 out on the water yet, we’re definitely coming up on being able to take our ATV’s and UTV’s out on the trails. We polled our office to find the best local trails for our members and friends to explore.






Idaho City

As part of the Boise National Park, the Idaho City trail system includes over 400,000 acres of open land. Idaho City is about an hour north of Boise, so it’s perfect for people who can’t quite make it far away locations.

Hemingway Butte

 Also known as part of the Owyhee Front, Hemingway Butte connects to hundreds of miles of rideable trails. There are over nine trailheads to choose from, designated camping spots, and Lowell Lake nearby, it’s a perfect place for a day trip or a camping trip.

Ridge Road & 8th Street

 8th Street and Ridge Rd are amazing, local, not-quite-so-hidden gems just northeast of Boise. It’s great for hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian use, in addition ATV/UTV riding. Lucky Peak Reservoir is nearby, making it an easy day trip for everyone to enjoy. 

Weiser Sand Dunes

 Weiser is an easy day trip from Boise and the Sand Dunes are an amazing option for a day of trail-riding. There are about 130 acres to ride and camping spots available all year. 

Little Gem Cycle Park

 Another area close by is Little Gem in Emmett. It sports a natural terrain motocross track and is open all year round for riders. There are miles of trails and play areas available to ride and a camp ground a few miles away for overnight trips.


There are so many places to ride in Idaho that we couldn’t possibly list them all. A great resource for finding riding locations nation-wide is This website has places to ride in all the surrounding states and areas of Idaho that we don’t have space to mention here.