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By A Landslide

Of course, we’re all excited that spring is here and warm weather is on the way. But with that comes the melting snow and shifting earth that can lead to some pretty serious safety issues and damage. Landslides and mudslides are a serious natural disaster that has occurred in all 50 states. Caused by snowmelt and heavy rainwater, among other factors, landslides can cause significant damage to structures, acreage, and human life. We’ve piled together a small list of safety tips to remember during this rainy season. Keep in mind, there are always more safety tips around, so make sure to do your own research if you are located in a danger zone.



  1. Create an evacuation plan for yourself and your family (including pets)
  2. Assemble/ maintain an emergency preparation kit
  3. Be familiar with the land and area
  4. Watch out for patterns of water drainage


During Storms:

  1. Evacuate out of area if possible
  2. Listen for sounds that indicate moving debris
  3. Be alert while driving- collapsed pavement, mud, fallen rocks, etc.
  4. Look for tilted trees, telephone poles, fences, etc.


During Mudslide:

  1. Get out of path of debris flow
  2. Move to highest ground away from debris path



  1. Stay away from site- additional slides may occur
  2. Report broken utility lines
  3. Watch for flooding- can cause shifting earth