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Hitch Up- We're Going On Vacation

Road trip season is coming up and we are excited! Hitting the road with your family or friends is an amazing experience that everyone should get. Here at Redline, we run large and small Class C RV’s, along with a variation of camp trailers to fit all needs. In the next few months, our blog will have an RV/camper focus for anyone who might want to utilize this mode of transportation this summer. To start, we’ve made a list of reasons why RV’s and campers are some of the best ways to travel.


Forced Family Fun Time

We’re joking about the forced part, but It is true that family bonding increases exponentially when everyone is in the same space together. Redline’s RV’s and campers can fit up to eight adults comfortably (Large Class C RV) and even more if you’re with kids.


Get Comfy Ya’ll

Campers and RV’s mean that you have everything you need right there. Equipped with beds, bathrooms, kitchens, closets, and more, this equipment should fulfill every need you’d have while on the road. You can fully stock your kitchen to avoid hitting up so many fast food spots or throw your own pillow in so you don’t have to use a hotel one. It’s the comfort of home, wherever you want.


Ditch the Bags

Like we mentioned before, these RV’s and camper’s come equipped with closets and bathrooms. Ultimately, this means that you can ditch those bulky luggage sets and just pack everything right into the vehicle. Utilize the cupboards, closet space, and bathroom drawers to create more space and avoid the double or triple unpack/repacking conundrum.


Size Matters

There are so many different sized vehicles to choose from. Redline’s fleet consists of Class C RVs -both small and large- in addition to a multitude of campers for everyone. Our small Class C RV starts at 26 feet while our large is 28 feet long. The camp trailers at Redline are all ½ ton (for inclusive driving abilities) and range in length and size. These options are essential for those with big or small traveling groups.


Should We Go Left? Or Right?

Our favorite part of roadtripping in an RV or camper is the freedom. That’s the freedom of going wherever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to keep track of plane tickets or hotel reservations. Your schedule is totally up to you. So, if you decide to take that left fork on the road instead of the planned right turn? You won’t be missing out on anything in your schedule, so do it.